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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that delivers 100% oxygen to a person within a pressurized chamber

Most protocols involve at least 20 sessions. If at least 20 sessions are prepaid, we can provide a 10% discount.

Fees MAY be covered by insurance depending upon the  coverage policy of a particular insurance product and/or medical savings account. Also, please note that these 
fees are subject to change. Any refunds for HBOT services will be considered but only paid after a 90 day period. Refunds must be requested within 1 year of the treatment.

All new patients to our practice will require an initial formal  consultation [during which an analysis of any  potential  contraindications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy [HBOT] will be considered.

FOR LYME PATIENTS: We would then need to work closely with the clinicians managing this condition,  potentially recommending holding of active treatments while HBOT management is initiated and adjusted, ultimately coordinating reintroduction of previous or new active treatments.